Is VCC associated with any hospital, dispensary, or other company?

It is not. VCC is an independent medical practice, and although we work with, and occasionally consult for, other practitioners and the local dispensaries, we have no further or legal association with any other entity. We do not sell or give out ANY products through our clinic.

Are we specially trained or certified to advise on medical cannabinoids? 

Yes and no. There is no certification for advising patients on cannabinoids. Any medical provider in Vermont (MD, DO, PA, NP, or ND) can sign people up for the VMR, and they can also advise people on using cannabinoids – if they have the knowledge. Most health professionals have not received training about the endocannabinoid system because it is not taught in the vast majority of medical schools. Likewise, they are not familiar with the products available in the local medical dispensaries. Paul Jerard has spent countless hours gaining continuous medical education (CME ) credits regarding these issues and looking at clinical studies and the data available, in order to be able to offer our patients the latest evidence-based advice.

If recreational cannabis is legal in Vermont, why do I need a VMR card? 

Currently, in Vermont, it is legal for anybody to grow and to have and to use cannabis. But, it is not yet legal to sell or buy cannabis products. Therefore, in order to have legal access to the many types of existing cannabis products, one must have a VMR card and obtain these medications from a medical cannabis dispensary.

Do I need a VMR card to buy and use CBD products? 

You do not. These are widely available with practically no regulation currently. These products should have negligible THC content. We do see patients for consultations who are interested in only using CBD, and are able to discuss existing evidence and offer to advise on their use.

Are VCC services or medical cannabis products covered by insurance? 

Currently, VCC does not accept insurance, although you should be able to use an FSA to cover our fees. Cannabis products at the dispensaries are not covered by insurance at all.

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