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Vermont Cannabinoid Clinic is owned and operated by

Paul Jerard PA-C

Paul Jerard is a Burlington-based Physician Assistant. Mr. Jerard is a PA with 15 years of clinical experience, mostly in emergency medicine. He has invested many hours of continuing medical education toward learning the physiology of the endocannabinoid system and the clinical uses of the various cannabinoids and was involved in the development of online medical education modules covering these topics for the University of Vermont Medical School. He continues to work in the local ER, giving him an intimate familiarity with the local patient population and the chance to talk frankly to many patients about their needs regarding medical cannabinoids.

Paul has partnered with Daniel Barkuff, a physician colleague from the ER, to create a partnership which ensures the best possible care for VCC patients.

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Dr. Daniel Barkhuff

Dr. Daniel Barkhuff is a board-certified emergency medicine physician. He was born in Maine,
grew up in Massachusetts, and attended the United States Naval Academy for college. After
service on active duty, he utilized his GI bill benefits to attend Harvard Medical School,
graduating in 2013. He trained in emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico and has
a research interest in the opiate crisis and substance abuse.

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