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Vermont Cannabinoid Clinic is a specialty medical clinic, owned and run by local medical practitioners. Our aim is to help Vermonters by offering evidence-based medical advice about using cannabis and cannabinoids for a variety of ailments.

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What’s a cannabinoid?

Medical Guidance for Medicinal Cannabinoids

Contrary to popular belief, using medical marijuana (cannabis) no longer just means smoking the marijuana flower, but now includes using many different delivery methods and forms, including transdermal patches, oral doses in various edible foods, tinctures, teas, sprays, and vaporized concentrates and oils. Cannabinoids are the different chemical compounds found in cannabis which interact with our bodies in various ways, and they can be extracted from the plant and used separately or in combination to treat specific conditions.

There are dozens of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but the two cannabinoids we know the most about are THC and CBD. There are also many additional compounds found within cannabis, such as terpenes, some of which have medicinal properties of their own and work in concert with cannabinoids to increase health benefits.

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Thinking about Vermont Marijuana Registry?

We can help you determine if you qualify for the Vermont Marijuana Registry (medical cannabis). If you do, we can perform the medical evaluation and fill out the necessary paperwork to get you enrolled.

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